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Black Country Heritage Lodge No. 9702

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Expect The “Unexpected”.
We parade into your Lodge and take complete control, carrying out a complete evening’s work including openings and closings. Every mason present is deemed to be a member of the ancient “Black Country Lodge” and therefore able and willing to instantly participate in the ceremony if so called upon, which is a certainty.  Fines and “penalties” are imposed for the slightest transgression and a very dim view is taken of those masons who cor spake like we con. (We provide an interpretation sheet) Monies collected in fines during the ceremony, are given to your Lodge Charity Steward at the end of the demonstration.

Masonic Fun Benefits Charity
The Black Country Demonstration Team carries out its work for the good of freemasonry and has helped host Lodges, nationwide, to collect over £35,000  in their charity collections in the eight years it has been working.

The Black Country Lodge Demonstration Team

The Black Country Demonstration Team is our “missionary work,” where we demonstrate to Masonic Lodges, nationwide, that freemasonry can be great fun without losing any of its dignity.  

Aynuk & Ayli Werkings
The Black Country workings, demonstrates a ceremony of initiation of a candidate as it might have been carried out in the reign of Queen Victoria by those celebrated Black Country characters “Aynuk and Ayli.”  Our sole aim is to provide an evening of Masonic fun and enjoyment with a strong Masonic message.

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