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Black Country Heritage Lodge No. 9702

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Our Proud Heritage

The original name “Black Country” was of course, a stigma on those proud people of the region who suffered hard times, living, working and dying for the benefit of industry.  Nowadays, however, the Black Country is recognised as an important historic region in the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, often called the workshop of the world.  So why the need for the Black Country Heritage Lodge.?

Our Lodge is dedicated to the Black Country, its culture, its people, its spirit and its checkered history.  As with all Masonic  Lodges, we follow the rules laid down in the Book Of  Constitutions of the United Grand Lodge Of England and comply with the established landmarks of the Order.   Our Black Country image is immediately evident by our Lodge Banner which depicts an industrial landscape at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Lodge Banner.      We have a demonstration team which travels the country showing what Freemasonry might be like if Aynuk ‘n’ Ayli were running it.  The philosophy on which the Black Country Heritage Lodge was founded, therefore, is that freemasonry should be affordable and enjoyable.  

Affordable  - We keep our costs of membership, Lodge meals and social functions to an absolute minimum for the benefit of our members, their partners and their families.

Enjoyable  - We endeavour to conduct our Lodge ceremonies with good ritual in an atmosphere of warmth, free of uninvited intervention and with the participation of junior brethren wherever possible.  The Black Country Spirit prevails through our dialect, cheerfulness, and of course a Black Country Story.

We conduct our festive boards as joyous occasions to celebrate the success of work in Lodge. We wine and dine in fine Black Country good-humoured style, go out of our way to ensure our visitors are entertained and made to feel welcome.  We have our own Black Country Toast and our own original Black Country Heritage Lodge Song.  

Our members are from all walks of life and  all parts of the country.  We have no place for elitism, except for designated Offices of the Lodge, even the most senior and eminent of masons are happy to sit amongst the most junior brethren.      Our junior brethren are seen as the future of the Lodge and consulted and involved in all decision making processes.  

Charity Begins At Home

We firmly believe that charity begins at home and have supported many local deserving causes, the most recent being  Sandwell Young Carers and Troop Aid.  Each incoming Master and his lady is invited to nominate the charity of their choice during their year.

Freemasonry reflecting our Black Country Heritage